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the pool at chavez house
The Historic Chavez House on Margaret Street in Key West is a three-bedroom, two-bathroom, two-story eyebrow house. It was built in 1870 and is on the National Register of Historic Places. It's been newly renovated and very well appointed with fine linens, gorgeous furniture, ultra-comfortable...Read more
pet friendly getaways
"All I want for Christmas is a Key West safecation that's pet-friendly with a pool and parking. " We hear from Santa that these are the top three items on your Wish List and we're delighted to say YES to all three. Pack your wags...Read more
Historic Key West Vacation Rentals is sharing these one-bedroom Key West luxury boutique cottages for your holidays. We can appreciate how even solo travelers, romantic couples, and a pair of friends could really appreciate a safecation for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's. Which one is...Read more
copa cabana deck
Deck the halls, for sure, but this is the year to think outside the house for Christmas and New Year's. Historic Key West Vacation Rentals has a collection of luxury boutique cottages and homes where the insides open up onto the most beautiful gardens and...Read more
lola's place pool
Historic Key West Vacation Rentals is celebrating the ins and outs of Key West. Key West is so out it's in, for sure. From fashion and passions to arts and entertainment. From street life to nightlife and everything in between. The best part? From fall...Read more
bohemian house den
Come on and get happy in Key West. This year has given everyone plenty of cause to feel anxious, uneasy, frustrated, confused and confounded. Historic Key West Vacation Rentals is happy to report we persevered, kept smiling, pushed forward, trained, prepared and adapted keeoubg the...Read more
casablanca grande
It's a grande life in Key West when you reserve this very special compound vacation rental from the Historic Key West Vacation Rentals collection. Pet-friendly Casablanca Grande consists of the two neighboring vacation rentals " Casablanca " & " Casablanca Too ", located at the...Read more
open floor plan at ashe house monthly vacation rental
Birds of a feather flock to Key West for the winter. We refer to them as Snowbirds and we're happy to call them our friends. Year after year, we enjoy hosting guests from Canada, New York, Connecticut, Boston, Chicago, Washington DC and other very cold...Read more
Christmas in Key West
Twas the Bight before Christmas and all through the house. Not a creature was stirring. Not even a dog slipping into a life vest to go kayaking the mangroves. Fortunately, Historic Key West Vacation Rentals has a full collection of luxury boutique vacation rentals, many...Read more
open space living at lola's place monthly rental
Historic Key West Vacation Rentals presents these six Key West Spots for laptops and lapdogs . We've spent most of this year in Zoom meetings, virtual learning environments and in close communion with our dogs. We could all use a much-needed change of environment and...Read more