4 Ways Key West Celebrates Hemingway Days

key west hemingway days
By the Historic Key West Vacation Rentals Team

Ernest Hemingway first visited Key West on a trip from Paris.  He said it felt like living in another country, so he moved in.  He sport fished and sailed, refereed boxing matches and lived his life.  He also wrote and left an impression that can still be felt today.  Key West celebrates the times Hemingway lived and wrote about each year.  Some of the celebrations have been scaled back for the times we're living today and these are four of the ways Key West will celebrate the man and the sea.

Stock Island Marina Village Key West Marling Tournament

Just like Hemingway, anglers will ply the waters he once fished, except their catches could bring in $50,000 in guaranteed cash prizes. $25,000 goes to the first-place team alone. Teams can enter one fun fish (dolphin, tuna, wahoo or released sailfish) per day to add to their point total.

28th Annual Hemingway 5K Sunset Run/Walk 

Did you know this is the original and oldest ongoing 5K Run in Key West? The race course is a scenic flat course that runs past Key West's most famous landmarks including the Ernest Hemingway Home, the iconic Southernmost Point and the famous Green Parrot Bar. 

Hemingway Sunset Paddleboard Race 

Paddleboarders race through a three-mile course before starting the 5k portion at 7:30 pm at the Southernmost Point in the continental U.S. 

Virtual Symposium Webinars

 Hemingway Days | Adaptations in the Stream: Hollywood’s Three Tries at Filming To Have and Have Not By Kirk Curnutt


Hemingway Days | Sandra Spanier and Robert K. Elder: Hemingway’s First Short Story Found in Key West   Hemingway Days | From Paris to Pamplona with Hemingway with John Hemingway and Phil Greene   Hemingway Days | Willie Drye: Hemingway and the Hurricane of 1935 “Today is only one day in all the days that will ever be. But what will happen in all the other days that ever come can depend on what you do today." - Ernest Hemingway

Ernest Hemingway's sporting lifestyle continues to be an inspiration. Come and be a part of the culture and joy.  Reserve a premier vacation rental from our Historic Key West Vacation Rentals Collection. The fun you'll have depends on you visiting with us for these Hemingway Days!