Friendsgiving In Key West

Key West

Soon, the holidays will be upon us and we'll be making treks to visit family from near and far. It's also a great time to celebrate the season with the friends we've gathered on our journeys and our adventures. It's called Friendsgiving and Key West is just the place to celebrate with our informal family of pals. We love our blood relatives, although some are best appreciated from a distance. Why not plan an extra few days to spend time with those we enjoy the most, even if we're not related. Make yours less stress-free and more enjoyable.  Head for Key West!

Friendsgiving is a great time to focus on the affection we share without the stress of a regular family gathering. Instead of one person carrying the entertainment load, let your friends pitch in with their own potluck dishes served up on paper plates and in plastic cups.  Our luxury boutique rentals are fully staged for proper meals with settings as formal or informal as you'd like. Where To Stay: Copa Cabana - Monthly Rental 2 Bedrooms 1.5 Bath Sleeps 4

Keep it manageable by choosing a theme. It doesn't have to be a traditional Thanksgiving spread.  Maybe make it a spread of appetizers with each person sharing favorites. More traditional meals take hours to prepare and can be a real chore to clean up. Where To Stay:  Inn Cogneato Cottage - Monthly Rental 2 Bedrooms 2 Bath Sleeps 5

Create a wonderful set of memories by serving a signature cocktail or some tasty microbrews.  Remember to also include a non-alcoholic version and then look forward to your guests buzzing around, but just not right up under you and those preparing the foods in the kitchen.  Where To Stay: Reel Paradise - NEW Monthly Rental 2 Bedrooms 2.5 Bath Sleeps 5

When considering how to keep your friends entertained, our Concierge is most happy to make recommendations and to help with reservations. Also remember, it's a holiday gathering, so some friends may also be just as happy to take an afternoon nap before a night out in Old Town.  Our beds are renowned for very happy sleepy times, so naptime can be a highlight of your celebration.  Where To Stay: Fish Camp - New Monthly Rental 3 Bedrooms 3 Bath Sleeps 8

Host your Friendsgiving with Historic Key West Vacation Rentals and be the star of this new holiday tradition. Our vacation rentals have workspaces with high-speed Internet for your friends who still need to work and learn remotely. Our vacation planners have the recipes for every guest's tastes. Key West is prepared with lots of fun and sun, seafood and entertainment, Caribbean vibes, and just the right drinks to imbibe. It's Friendsgiving.  Let's celebrate!