Key West Vacation Guide

Key West is a VERY dog-friendly town! Furry friends are even allowed in some bars and restaurants on our island. There are also several dog parks and even a dog beach! If you wish to travel with your dog(s), we do have dog-friendly vacation homes available.

key west golf cart
Ah, Key West. The sun on your face, the wind in your hair … in a golf cart! It’s a local thing — a breezy and unique way to explore this tropical paradise. You’ll find it’s an incredibly convenient way to get around, as well...Read more
key west music scene
No musician better embodied the “island escapism” aura and laidback lifestyle of Key West than the late singer-songwriter Jimmy Buffett. When he moved to our island in 1971, Buffett summed up his passion for his new backyard by writing “I Have Found Me a Home,”...Read more
key west beach
When it comes to stunning destinations that create unforgettable moments that live in your mind long after an Instagram post fades into digital obscurity, Key West tops the list. There's no place quite like it. Surrounded by the serene beauty of the Florida Keys, Key...Read more
key west independence
In many ways, those who call Florida Keys home have always felt quite distant from mainland America. More than Key West’s remote location (literally closer to Cuba than Miami), the people here have long felt that their concerns were never fully recognised by the federal...Read more
key west aerial
Key West is the southernmost point of the continental United States — and worlds away from anywhere else a traveler can discover. A quintessential summer vacation destination offering a unique blend of natural beauty, vibrant culture and endless adventure, historic Key West offers something for...Read more
queen conch
Behold the queen conch — a species of large predatory sea snails that can be found along our shallow waters. This marine gastropod has become a symbol of the Florida Keys, particularly in Key West, with those born on the island referring to themselves as...Read more
key west blues
Sun-drenched, warm and carefree, Key West is renowned the world over as a languid vacation destination. Visitors here always seem to report a boost in mood and an enhanced outlook on life — and now science explains why. It all comes down to vitamin D...Read more
American restaurants Key West
Key West is the southernmost point of the continental United States with a foodie culture that's influenced by Caribbean, Southern and Latin American flavors. With ready access to fresh vegetables and seafood, especially our signature pink shrimp, traditional and fusion cuisine can be found all...Read more
Copa Cabana
Summer in Key West showcases a tropical paradise at its peak. The island city, famed for its laid-back atmosphere and rich history, transforms into a bustling hub of outdoor activities, cultural festivals and water sports. This guide will take you through everything you need to...Read more
Truman Annex
Nestled in the charming city of Key West, the quaint and historically rich neighborhood of Truman Annex beckons visitors with its unique blend of tranquility, beauty and fascinating history. Whether you're a history buff, a sun-seeker or simply in need of a picturesque escape, Truman...Read more