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Poppy Cottage
Poppy Cottage is now dog friendly and that means it's an even better Key West value for solo travelers and couples on retreat. This an absolutely delightful Key West vacation rental. It was recently renovated and updated to its owner’s discerning standards. It is light-filled...Read more
villa josine kitchen
Booking your vacation home is just the beginning of your next Key West experience. Historic Key West Vacation Rentals is here to help you plan the rest of your vacation. Our little Key West island offers endless fun-filled activities such as water excursions, historical tours,...Read more
Fish Camp Monthly Rental
Reserve Fish Camp for the summer months. It's time for masks to come off and for paddles to hit the water. This family-friendly, canal-front cottage is perfect for a relaxing old-world getaway. Located in an upscale area of Newtown and just a 10-minute Uber ride...Read more
Bahama Getaway
Bahama Getaway is a Key West Family's legacy. Bahama Getaway has evolved within the Thomas/Bowe families, Conchs, born and raised in Key West, for more than four generations. Prior to buying the house in the 1930s for $2,500, George and Ethel Bowe-Thomas lived across the...Read more
my happy place
In Key West, stay where it's easiest to eat, drink and play. For starters, cars are few, and speed limits are low, so set your pace to enjoy our natural paradise, its cool architecture, hip and happy hangouts, and the local characters you’ll meet along...Read more
steamplant luxury residences
The Steamplant is the second tallest building in Key West. Nowhere else can you step out of your secure, private elevator onto your one-of-a-kind Key West rooftop terrace 70 feet above the island. Enjoy a daily sunset dip in your private elevated rooftop pool. The...Read more
southern skies waterfall
June events kick off our Key West summer and you can plan your much-needed vacation around these best times under the sun. From annual festivals to holiday celebrations, the fun never stops in Key West. We're looking forward to these upcoming events. For details on...Read more
villa Josine pool
Will you summer by the pool or in the ocean when you vacation in Key West this year? Enjoy reading about more of our luxury boutique collection included in Part Two of this blog series. When you choose a luxury boutique vacation rental from the...Read more
cloud 9 decor
Historic Key West Vacation Rentals is sharing our amazing customer feedback so you'll know just what to expect when it's time for your visits! We take pride in our customer contact opportunities, correspondence with our guests, interactions and the feedback we receive. How do you...Read more
cloud 9 pool and outside dining
Will you summer by the pool or in the ocean when you vacation in Key West this year? When you choose a luxury boutique vacation rental from the Historic Key West Vacation Rentals collection you can do both. So many of our nightly , weekly...Read more