School Days Are Cool Days In Key West

sea vista pool deck

Welcome to the year of virtual classrooms. We know as parents some of you are coming to terms with the reality of remote learning for your children. How will you keep your children engaged while learning at home? What will your new normal look like? Historic Key West Vacation Rentals invites you to take your virtual classroom on the road and engage your children with one of our "classrooms by the sea". We have the perfect home away from home for you and your family. We offer everything from one-bedroom historic cottages tucked away on quiet lanes, to magnificent multi-bedroom mansions located on Duval Street. All of our vacation rentals offer personal concierge service, 24-hour on-call manager, free cable TV, and free WiFi.

Clean Homes For Learning

We want you to know we are doing our part in preventing the spread of COVID-19 in our community and workplace. Our homes are being sanitized in accordance with CDC guidelines and regulations put forth by the state of Florida and Monroe County, to ensure your health and safety. We are allowing adequate time between check out of the previous guest and check-in of the next guest for appropriate cleaning and sanitation. All surfaces in the property are cleaned and disinfected between each guest stay. All linens, dishware, and other service items available for use by guests have been washed and sanitized between each guest stay. Extra linens including throw blankets and decorative pillows have been removed and stored until further notice. 

We're Connected

Our strong, free WiFi enables you to stay connected and that's one of the most important elements of distance learning. We realize you and your children must have the ability to virtually connect with educators and classmates to keep learning on track. You can stay in touch, download assignments,  upload completed tasks, and participate in discussions.

Create Your Classroom

You know how your children learn best, so you decide if everyone huddles in one room or if it's easier to concentrate in separate rooms. There's room for everyone to study, to learn, and to complete tasks. A Key West porch or deck is a wonderful place to focus, as well.

Creative Inspiration

Key West is filled with rich history and culture that's just waiting to be explored! There are many historic and cultural museums, interactive learning sites, and opportunities for artistic expression. Schedule time to take a break from the computer screen to get out for some hands-on learning.

Recess Is Back

Lunchtime and breaks are essential parts of a school day. They help establish a schedule and a routine for your learning environment. You'll recharge, gain new focus, and encourage better learning habits with a little Key West flavor added in. Our vacation rental kitchens are fully stocked for meals you like to prepare and our extensive local cuisine is very exciting to explore.  Mix it up between coastal seafood dishes and the perfect slice of pizza. Imagine the incentive of taking lunch breaks by a pool or under an umbrella on a beach. It's also a real treat to take a walk around our tropical neighborhoods.

Booking one of our Historic Key West Vacation Rentals is as easy as A, B, C. We're here to help you plan and to make the best of your remote education experience. Our little Key West island offers endless fun-filled activities such as water excursions, historical tours, fishing charters, and transportation options for your educational and recreational pleasure.